Pressed Tortillas

Our Pressed Tortillas

A very popular pliable tortilla that is extremely versatile for use in dishes like burritos, tacos, quesadillas, or wraps. Sizes ranging from 4" to 14". These tortillas come in a variety of colors and flavors and can be used as both a tortilla and a wrap.

Traditional Pressed Tortillas

This traditional tortilla is one our most popular items. Made from whole grain wheat and enriched flour, this item is available in 1-2 dozen packages and 4"-15"

Whole Wheat Tortillas

For a healthier option, our whole grain wheat tortilla is soft and pliable and a perfect bread substitute for any meal.

Tomato Basil Wrap

This tortilla combines a flavorful blend of tomato and basil to provide a zesty flavor with every bite.

Spinach Wrap

A fresh and delicious tortilla option that is frequently used as a wrap.

Chocolate Tortilla

This popular tortilla is packed with chocolate throughout every bite and is widely used for delicious dessert options.

Southwest Tortilla


Mama Lola's unique blend of corn and whole wheat is great for enchiladas and can be rolled in cold temperatures. Our Masarina is highly pliable and available in 6", 2 dozen packets.

Additional Products

Don't see a product that you want? Additional Mama Lola's products and flavors are available upon request.
Contact us to inquire about our capabilities to combine a special blend specifically for your needs volume minimums apply).

Custom formulations include:
- Sun Dried Tortillas
- Garlic and Herb Tortillas
- Cilantro and Jalapeño Tortillas
- Chipotle Tortillas
- Low Carb Tortillas

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"Rito's uses these tortilla's and they have the best burritos in town!"

- Thomas H

"They have a great history in making our tortillas for our family restaurant. Tortas Chano team thanks Mama Lola's for their quality and service."

- Roger A.

"I discovered...all varieties of tortillas (corn and flour), freshly made of high quality ingredients. They have an impressive line of offerings, including tostada shells of various colors. I left with tasty blue corn tortillas, healthy but very tasty whole wheat tortillas, and a batch of awesome tasting red child whole wheat flour tortillas. Given that their products are affordable, made without preservatives, and high quality ingredients, I can't see buying my tortillas anywhere else."

- Tony H.

"Great staff, very nice and helpful. Gluten free and organic masa available."

- Lewis P.

"I've been searching since 2001 for a good tortilla in AZ. I'm born and raised in the SF Bay area with lots of tortilla factories around. Mama Lolas is the first yellow corn tortilla that is just tortilla no MSG or other things I can't pronounce. They are thick and wonderful. They do not fall apart great for making enchiladas and tacos. We also made corn chips. This is the only tortilla I will buy from now on and I have to drive almost 15 miles from my home in far east Gilbert to superstition market to buy them!"

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